Acoustech’s integrated product data model boosts efficiency through shop floor to top floor technology enablement.

Third party validation and successful customer installations have enabled innovation in semiconductor, aerospace, defense, medical, and automotive industries.

Semiconductor Company

“Acoustech evaluated our existing CNC machining operations and ran experiments with their ultrasonic technology. Results deliver new material innovation and manufacturing improvements for our business.”

– Principal Engineer
(Fortune 100 Company)

Industrials Industry

“Part quality issues and excess scrap forced us to re- evaluate our processes. Acoustech’s technology helped us achieve our quality, productivity, and capacity goals.”

– Production Lead
(Fortune 500 Company)

Aerospace & Defense Industry

“Acoustech’s ultrasonics technology helped create a competitive advantage – unlocking machining of advanced materials that were previously not possible with our existing equipment.”

– Director, Materials Innovation
(Fortune 100 Company)

5 Step Process For Testing Ultrasonics in Your Operation


  • Work with the customer to gain a full understanding of the application and customer objectives.
  • Research critical aspects of the application to understand foundational machining principles.


  • Define a statistically valid test plan to simulate the application and evaluate Ultrasonic Assisted Machining.
  • Replicate customer’s baseline performance using their tooling and materials.
  • Superimpose Ultrasonic Assisted Machining to determine performance gains.


  • Inspect tooling and parts, replicating to extent possible customer’s quality processes.
  • Analyze trial data to quantify benefits of Ultrasonic Assisted Machining to the application.


  • Present trial data and parts to customer for review and discussion.
  • Submit proposal with ROI justification to customer.


  • Install system with training and run-off to assure performance in customer’s environment.
  • Provide continued support to meet customer expectations.

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