About Us

Your Production. Our Priority

Acoustech develops ultrasonic machining solutions that are trusted by the world’s most innovative semiconductor, aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical companies.


Acoustech partners with manufacturers to solve their most important challenges. We bring user-centric solutions that apply ultrasonics to make machining smarter, higher quality, and more efficient.

Team of Acoustech Systems Engineers reviewing product specs


Acoustech aims to be America’s preferred provider of ultrasonic assisted machining solutions to aerospace, defense, semiconductor, automotive, and medical device industries.

Acoustech Systems N-Series Ultrasonic Drilling through metal

Acoustech builds sustainable ultrasonic machining solutions that increase productivity, extend tool life, improve quality finish, and enable machining of advanced materials like ceramics, hard metals, and multi-layer composites.

In the post pandemic world, manufacturers need to reinforce resilience so they can successfully navigate economic turbulence, digitize their operations and services, and develop product offerings to address environmental sustainability and green technologies.

We invent and invest to bring the best solutions to market that make previously unmachinable materials – machinable.

We answer the questions not asked and look around corners to see future trends that may affect our customers.

Our History


  • Columbus, OH based R&D organization EWI initiates research into ultrasonic assisted machining as part of a client project. Over the next few years, EWI continues its research as the technology show promise.


  • Acoustech is formed as a joint venture between investment holding company Cumberland and Western Resources and EWI, in order to commercialize ultrasonic assisted machining technology.
  • Acoustech demonstrates an early-stage prototype at IMTS 2014, generating excitement and anticipation among attendees.

2015 – 2016

  • Acoustech expands development of its ultrasonic assisted machining technology, adding management, engineering and operations personnel, CNC machines and laboratory testing equipment.
  • Acoustech conducts extensive field testing of a non-rotating tool prototype system in multiple locations.
  • Acoustech exhibits at IMTS 2016, again generating significant interest among attendees.


  • Acoustech introduces a non-rotating ultrasonic assisted drilling system, targeting CNC lathes, into the market and accelerates development of a rotating tool drilling system for machining centers.
  • Acoustech establishes a technical center, with CNC equipment, quality/ inspection capabilities and full-time staff, to support customer application trials.


  • Cumberland and Western Resources purchases 100% of Acoustech Systems, LLC, enabling the company to to focus on market entry and continued product line development and expansion.


  • Acoustech moves into 41,500 sq ft facility in Bowling Green, KY to scale manufacturing and production to meet customer demands.