The Acoustech N-series is designed for center-line drilling applications with a non-rotating tool.

This ultrasonic assisted drilling system can be integrated onto either CNC lathes or multi-spindle equipment (see system specifications below). Decreased drilling cycle time, extended tool life and enhanced part quality are potential benefits of this innovative technology, allowing manufacturers to leverage their existing equipment for higher productivity and lower costs.


Acoustech’s N-Series precision drilling system uses plug-and-play design to enable higher speed sustainable machining of advanced materials. Incorporate ultrasonics into your production process to improve productivity, finish quality, and scrap rates.

Acoustech Systems N-Series being serviced in the workshop

System Specifications:

Acoustech’s industry leading N-Series precision drilling system specifications.

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Tool Holder:


N-series FAQs

The N-series can be integrated onto most CNC lathes and many CNC multi-spindles. Accoustech staff will review a specific machine to evaluate tool holder clearance, available work envelope, and power supply interface options to confirm feasibility.

Each N-series ultrasonic drilling system typically includes an ultrasonic power generator, HMI control panel, one or more ultrasonic drilling modules and all necessary cabling and connectors. Specific components may vary based upon system configuration. Operator documentation is also provided.

A system for a CNC lathe can be configured with up to 4 ultrasonic drilling modules, mounted in the turret.

The system can accommodate through-tool coolant up to 1,000 psi.

Acoustech has engineered comprehensive electrical-safety features into the R-series ultrasonic drilling system, including high-voltage electrical insulation and connectors, insulation components designed and tested in accordance with IEC 61010-1 and protective-earth grounding in accordance with NFPA-79.

An acoustic isolation feature designed into the tool holder prevents vibrations from impacting the equipment.

The Acoustech system requires electrical power and integration with the machine controls. Our staff will conduct a pre-installation survey to ensure all requirements for the system are in place.

Each system sale includes full installation and operator training for the Acoustech system.