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Acoustech Systems’ N-series delivers revolutionary performance through ultrasonic technology. The series features a non-rotating module capable of drilling, reaming, and tapping operations, and includes options for both fixed pocket machines (Acoustech NFP) and rotating turret CNC lathes (Acoustech NRT).


Will the N-Series Work for You?

  • Do you have CNC lathes that can accommodate a 1 1/2″ straight shank ER-32 adapter?
  • Do you process parts drilling on center line with a stationery drill?
  • Do you have a need to reduce the cycle time of your drilling applications?
  • Do you drill holes between 3mm and 20mm?
  • Do you run high-volume parts?

If you answered yes to these questions, contact us today to discuss how Acoustech Systems’ N-Series can help your business.