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Acoustech Systems has introduced an innovative technology that dramatically improves metalworking capabilities with ultrasonic performance on new and existing manufacturing equipment by applying intense acoustical pulse to your conventional cutting tools with a collet. One that fits your machines, uses your tools, and can be operated by your employees without extensive training.

Years in development at the manufacturing R&D firm EWI, this patented system empowers production manufacturers with the many benefits of ultrasonic technology. Using our N- and R-series of products, you can work on hard-to-machine materials. Ensure higher production rates. Get more equipment capacity. Extend tool life.

Best of all, manufacturers can increase profits without the expense of new machining centers, because this system was designed to be used with standard equipment currently installed throughout the manufacturing industry.


  1. Increase capability using current machines and tooling
  2. More than double the feed rate
  3. Machine harder materials
  4. Extend tool life by up to four times
  5. Improve surface finish
  6. Reduce burr formation
  7. Enhance chip evacuation
  8. Increase profit