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Acoustech Machining was featured in the September 2014 issue of Modern Machine Shop

Modern Machine Shop September 2014 Issue

A drill or end mill within a machining center spindle sees two types of movement. The spindle rotates the tool and the machine axes feed it. We have no expectation for the tool except that it will be driven through the material by these two motions alone. However, what if the tool itself was also moving in a way that complemented these motions, increasing the effectiveness of the cut?

Acoustech Systems has developed a system that applies a controlled ultrasonic vibration to a standard cutting tool, causing the tool to expand and contract through a microscopic amplitude. Experiments have shown that the resulting movement of the cutting edge enables the tool to cut more effectively, passing through the material with less force.  Less cutting force means less heat generation, reduced tool deflection, better accuracy, higher feed rates, extended tool life, and less power consumption.

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